jaime brożek-banco was born and raised in rio de janeiro, the only child of a military peacekeeper and court interpreter. as he knows it, his parents met as teenagers when andrzej's brother hit raquel with a stray volleyball by accident at the beach. his brother apologized by taking her out for a night on the town, and—while nothing became of them—she soon became part of the family as a friend. a little over a decade later, andrzej asked her out for a date after returning from a mission. they were a better match together, marrying after a year of being together. in 1993 the two had their first child and resided in a cramped apartment until a small windfall gave them the chance to buy a home in bento ribeiro. from age four there on, jaime would call the working-class neighborhood home.

while jaime's childhood was not bleak, it was one filled with long absences and not enough money going around. his father was often away on missions, and if he was in rio, he often spent his time outside the home. his mother had a decent job, and they lived largely off her salary, but she too was young and had vices. still, he was never abused or made to feel completely unloved when both were around. to add more to their problems, jaime had a mischievous streak and was easily influenced by his rowdy set of friends. of course, he never considered himself out of control—he went to school and made fair marks. no teacher would have described him as bright and motivated, but he found himself in less trouble than his peers, enough to stay off their radars.

at age nine, his father shot himself. the loss of one parent was enough to prompt jaime to act out even more. eight months later, with a cantankerous child and no spouse, raquel looked outside of rio for a new start, considering her mother's offer to sponsor her if she came to the united states to live closer to her large family. she began the process after weighing the pros and cons, but it wasn't until jaime was ready for high school that they were granted permission to live in the united states. while, at one point, the family congregated in colorado, circumstances sent most of them back to florida. raquel decided she could benefit more-so by living in colorado with her widowed mother maria. jaime's grandmother, a nurse on the cusp of retirement, resided in a decent neighborhood and helped smooth out his undisciplined ways.

the first year of high school was the toughest for him. years of consuming american culture via the media in brazil didn't prepare him for the culture shock, but he was a quick learner. and as a good-looking kid who spoke english with an "intriguing" accent, it didn't take long for him to make friends. his participation in sports raised his status, although he would be hard pressed to describe himself as popular. likable enough, perhaps, but a crown was never in his future. he steered clear of fights (for the most part), made decent grades (with a little cheating here and there) and tried to have as typical a high school experience as possible. the summer before his senior year, his grandmother passed from lung cancer, ultimately leaving the house to raquel.

at eighteen jaime met sebastian banco after he funded his short film on kickstarter. work in progres...
basic info
name jaime brożek-banco
dob august 4, 1993 / 24
birthplace rio de janeiro, brazil
current home seagate, brooklyn
education ba in film studies
occupation househusband
marital status married (3/9/15)
children august (8/11/17)
favorite thing
tv show mindhunter
movie the godfather
book none
guilty pleasure gucci gang
genre rap
food surf and turf
drink beer
dessert none
cuisine mexican
store onlyny
hobby skateboarding
sport muay thai
car his bmw
wild animal jaguar
pet his rottweiler tank
plant cannabis
holiday halloween
time of year summer
weather sunny
place visited paris
friend's house isaac's
style streetwear
curse word fuck
body part legs
sound rushing water
smell burning wood
thing to touch seb's hair
feeling buzzed
NAME apolonia van der meer
DOB october 28, 1995
CURRENT HOME manhattan
OCCUPATION pr assistant / beauty youtuber
ONE FACT has a secret crush on seb
PERSONALITY cool-headed, ambitious, self-indulgent, likes to play devil's advocate, sarcastic

NAME bishop couderc
DOB february 25, 1991
OCCUPATION tattoo artist
ONE FACT specializes in inking sacred geometry tattoos
PERSONALITY politically active, intimidating at first but friendly, opinionated, likes to prank friends, quick to say cruel things when angry

NAME gabriela fernandes da silva
DOB december 11, 1993
OCCUPATION webcam model
ONE FACT once saved a man from choking to death
PERSONALITY restless, judgmental, adventurous, confused about what she wants in life, enjoys confrontation and drama

NAME hugo cordeiro neto
DOB april 2, 1994
MARITAL STATUS has a girlfriend
ONE FACT got introduced to heroin by his girlfriend a year ago
PERSONALITY impressionable, vague and indirect in conversations, moody, self-destructive, lazy

NAME isaac pigg
DOB march 19, 1993
OCCUPATION server / comedian
ONE FACT their first argument was about what a true wake and bake is
PERSONALITY dependable, enjoys the spotlight, daring, sometimes passive aggressive, perceptive

NAME katherine johnson
DOB september 17, 1982
OCCUPATION stay-at-home mother
MARITAL STATUS married, had her son lucas (age 2) with him
ONE FACT doesn't know jaime once stole a pair of her husband's sunglasses
PERSONALITY warm-hearted, practical, hates to ask for help, curious, perfectionistic

NAME marcus stoneking
DOB july 4, 1993
CURRENT HOME manhattan
OCCUPATION financial analyst
MARITAL STATUS has a girlfriend
ONE FACT hates nyc and plans to move back to his hometown austin, tx
PERSONALITY goal-oriented, has a bad habit of dwelling on the past, naturally skeptical, energetic, can have a bad temper if provoked

NAME maria antónia varejão
DOB may 9, 1994
OCCUPATION paralegal
ONE FACT has an instagram dedicated to her toy poodle maggie
PERSONALITY bubbly, eclectic interests but isn't an expert in anything, talkative, neat freak, stubborn

NAME roberto oliveira
DOB november 30, 1992
OCCUPATION personal trainer
MARITAL STATUS has a girlfriend
ONE FACT is planning on proposing to his girlfried around christmas
PERSONALITY easy-going, makes decisions quickly, prideful, unreliable with little things, will always defend his friends
pb francisco lachowski
journal eii
time zone eastern
coding me, inspired by weisberger